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But you never saw not even the romantic side of him, but the off-the-clock side, where he lets his hair down, dates, has drinks and has somebody in his life.

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But with the shift in recent seasons to explore the team's personal lives, Moore felt it was time to peel back another layer in the BAU resident tough guy's life."I joke on set, like, Derek's the most sexually repressed character on TV," Moore says.

"Even Reid [Matthew Gray Gubler] got a girlfriend last year! What was important to me is showing other dimensions because if we're not careful, Derek can come off as one-note.

I did not want to be the stereotypical tough guy who kicks down doors.

In nine years, if you've been a faithful fan, you've learned a lot about his family and childhood.

(9/8c, CBS), viewers will meet Morgan's (Shemar Moore) secret girlfriend Savannah (Rochelle Aytes).

Her arrival shouldn't be too much of a shock to keen fans: Morgan casually mentioned that he had to cancel a date with his neighbor after a case came up in the season premiere.

25 unnecessary spin-offs"I love that they put that line in the premiere," Moore tells

"It sounds like a throwaway line and you might forget about it, but now, weeks later, it has significance."Though Morgan briefly dated Tamara (Salli Richardson-Whitfield ) in Season 5, that story line was eventually dropped to keep the focus on the BAU and the weekly cases, which in turn also kept the Morgan-Garcia (Kristen Vangsness) fans happy.

But as is the case with most personal story lines on the show, the goal is to keep the relationship percolating in the background.

"She can be out there in the world and she can be somebody he refers to from time to time," Messer says.

"That will go a long way."And fear not, Morgan-Garcia fans — Garcia will still be the only one he calls "baby girl.""[Savannah] doesn't have a nickname yet. "I have a slew of pet names in real life, just messing around, like 'baby cakes' or 'sweet thang' or 'sexy mama,' but I think I kept it simple.

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