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I’ve got a bunch of songs on i Tunes that I purchased early in the game, and they are in .m4p format, so they have the DRM locks and can’t easily be converted to .mp3 format.They are only at 128kbps, which is the only thing i Tunes offered back in the day.

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I’m very pleased to learn this myself, as I had about 450 tracks in my i Tunes library still in digital shackles and was unwilling to pay $0.30/song to upgrade individually.

You need to remove and re-download the files to accomplish this.

Enable i Tunes Match on your system (requires i Tunes 10.5.1) and let it go through the initial matching and uploading routine.

Once the process is complete, run a backup of your i Tunes library with Time Machine (or equivalent) to be safe, then from the View menu chose check the “Remove from i Cloud option” when asked.

Thanks to the tip here, I was able to make a smart playlist containing all the DRM encumbered music in my i Tunes library.

I remember in the past there was an offer from i Tunes Plus that lets you pay a fee to "upgrade" your DRM'ed songs to unprotected ones. How do I get non-DRM'ed versions of these songs nowadays? BTW, I am running i Tunes 10.5.1 on Mac OS X 10.6.8.The new i Tunes Match service is a handy way to share music among all your computers and i Devices.One reader is wondering if this feature can also be used to replace older 128kbps DRM encoded tracks with their higher bitrate, unencumbered i Tunes Plus versions: Just wondering something about i Tunes Match.In the subsequent window tell i Tunes to move all the deleted tracks to the Trash.You will now have the batch of protected files in your music list but not in your i Tunes library.An i Cloud icon with a down arrow will appear next to each track, allowing you to download the file in 256kbps AAC format without DRM.


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