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"My doctor colleagues might be disturbed by [the dating event].But, hey, five minutes of face-to-face conversation is better than nothing."The nonprofit Consumer Reports offers ratings for heart surgeons, hospitals, health insurance and other health care products for a fee. The baking sun, soft sand, cresting waves and sea breeze on your face.There's nothing quite like spending time at South Florida's beaches. And are the benefits from the beach physical or psychological?

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Florida Medical Center in Lauderdale Lakes will be hosting a free event on Valentine's Day to let prospective patients meet physicians through a rotating series of five-minute conversations.

Once a bell rings, the person will move on to the next doctor.

"With the speed-dating method, people get a chance to sit down with us rather than coming into an office and being intimidated by a bunch of people in white coats," said Dr.

and feature about five specialists including cardiologists, cardiac surgeons and an OB/GYN.

Anyone not interested in finding a new doctor can use their allotted time to get medical advice, said Shahriari, who's also medical director of the center's Aortic Disease Institute.

While "speed-dating" may be an offbeat approach, experts say it's one more modern way that consumers can get valuable information before picking a health care provider."I give them credit, it's an innovative thing to do," said Dr.John Santa, director of the Consumer Reports Health Ratings Center.Ali Shahriari, a thoracic and cardiac surgeon who is participating in the event."It's like going to a party and meeting a doctor."Shahriari said communication between doctor and patient sometimes flounders today as physician practices get busier and technology takes over face-to-face discussions."We are losing that connection that has been part of the physician-patient relationship for centuries," he said.Set during the hospital's annual Heart Health Fair, the one-hour speed-dating event will begin at a.m.


  1. "My doctor colleagues might be disturbed by [the dating event].

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