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Add that number to the year 1927 and you should have an accurate date of the production of that specific piece!So a 14 next to the crown would mean it was produced in 1941.

Quick Hint: To quickly identify a Royal Doulton older piece, glance at the curved lines that look like vertical, curved equal lines on each side of the circle.

LONG MARKS usually mean an older piece while SHORT MARKS indicate a more recent issue.

Looking for the size of the marks is a simplistic, unscientific, quick way to USUALLY determine if a piece is an older specimen. (Long Marks) inside the circle are connecting marks that look like D's.

There is a long, line beneath the connecting D's that is long and curves up half way on each side.

Bleeding around the rim is also called a Shaded Rim or Over sprayed Rim and was usually found on the large size Character and Toby Jugs. Often, there is a single Registration (RN) number If the number could not be obtained in time, the words, "Registration Applied For." may appear.

This practice was completely discontinued by 1973.1930's-1940's: The words, "Made In England" were added and placed in a curve just beneath the crown. A Registration Number DOES NOT give the date for a specific piece-only the date design was protected.

BUT a number that CAN date the piece may be placed in the upper right, near the crown.

Royal Doulton, is right up there on the list of businesses that had the most marks.

Let's examine the examples of how one can identify the age of the piece Doulton by the backstamp.

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