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This is an absolute sign that not only people becoming more strong in faith, but in a village where there are Muslims and Christians, all have played their part, rolled up their sleeves and taken care of their houses of prayer.Sixteen-year-old Melissa Kartalova took a big risk: A few days ago she left the house in a burqa and got in her relative's car.Shortly thereafter, the police stopped the vehicle and brought Melissa to the station.

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A group of Muslims in the Bulgarian village of Kozlets recently united to restore a Christian church in their community.

According to Christian Today, the Muslims led the fundraising of over $1,100 to restore the church’s belfry, which was at risk of collapsing onto the roof, harming congregants inside.

Beynur said, "From what I can remember my parents, our Muslim community and Christians who once were a majority in the village, we lived together.

The communities were united by faith and jointly celebrated each other's holidays.

The move is reminiscent of a ban that had been in place under communist rule in the 1980s; it was revoked on the national level in the 1990s.

In Pazardzhik, women who now go out in public completely covered, including the full-face veil known as the niqab, risk a fine of 150 euros (5) on the first offense and 500 euros on the second offense.

That's more than an average month's salary in Bulgaria.

"The police demanded I remove the niqab," Melissa said. Her shame was indescribable with the loud policemen looking directly at her face, she added.

Svetla, a 40-year-old Muslim, called it targeted humiliation.

She and Melissa were sitting on the floor of the women's room at the Abu Bekir mosque in Pazardzhik.

There are 30 Muslim women like them who wear the niqab, and seven or eight have paid fines, they told DW. Husbands urge their wives to abandon the niqab Police chief Ivan Gentschev neither confirmed nor denied the statement.

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