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Your copy of Let our E-book help you Discover The Secrets To Meeting, Dating and Building a Successful Relationship. The ESSENTIAL INGREDIENTS of a healthy relationship How to NOT let old habits spoil a SUCCESSFUL relationship Tips on how to ask for a second date How to have a GOOD TIME …and not break the bank What it takes to SOLVE common dating dilemmas The concept of dating older men…or older women The REAL secret to attracting a healthy dating relationships The modern woman’s way of asking a guy out That dating someone with children doesn’t have to be complicated SECRETS to communicating with a man/woman that will create LASTING LOVE and AFFECTION.

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Learn 26 ways to tell if your man is cheating and get seven complete case studies of women who were played, with full IM transcripts. If you suspect your man is a liar and a cheater and/or is playing you, this is the book you need.

Ayer, breaks the code of silence and educates women on ALL aspects of being played in “BUSTED: How To Spot a Player and Cheater – The Secrets Of A Reformed Player (What Every Man Would Want His Daughter To Know)” Learn why a player and cheater who has had sex with thousands of women never got caught. Plus you will have the opportunity to receive free books and materials from Mr.

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Then move on to How To Be Irresistible to Men or to Make Every Man Want You More.

The later being THE COURSE for real women, women with minds and intellects, women who want to attract men without compromising their integrity.

It is considered to be the best dating ebook for women by many, us included.

Then, don’t forget to polish your skills in bed girls, because this is where at least 50% of the success of any relationship (be it short-term or long-term) lies.

For some reason there are currently far more books and ebooks on dating and seduction for men, than there are for women.

However, that’s a bit unfair, since as any woman knows, if you want to be with the guy of your dreams, you have to put effort in it and most likely be the first to approach.


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