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The investigation uncovered at least four allegations made to USA Gymnastics about coach William Mc Cabe, including one from a gym owner in 1998, warning that Mc Cabe should be “locked in a cage before someone is raped.” Authorities say Mc Cabe started molesting a child in 1999 and coached with USA Gymnastics until an 11-year-old gymnast’s mother contacted the FBI in 2006 about inappropriate emails he’d sent to her daughter.He pleaded guilty to sexually exploiting children later that year.

The organization didn’t report Marvin Sharp to the police until four years after someone filed a 2011 complaint accusing Sharp of inappropriate touching and warning that he shouldn’t be around children.

Officials finally alerted police when Sharp, 2010’s Women’s Coach of the Year, was accused of “touching a gymnast’s vagina, trimming her pubic hair, and taking sexually explicit pictures of her beginning when she was 12 years old,” the found that USA Gymnastics had amassed a “thick file of complaints” accusing coach Mark Schiefelbein of abuse but never reported him to authorities, allowing him to coach in five different states before molesting a 10-year-old gymnast.

The victim’s father says he spoke on the phone with former USA Gymnastics President Robert Colarossi, who told him that the organization couldn’t afford to defend itself against lawsuits brought by any aggrieved accused coaches, so officials were conservative about reporting alleged abuse.

USA Gymnastics also had a file on coach James Bell for five years before he was arrested in 2003 for molesting three Rhode Island girls.

He ran away before he could be tried and was rearrested last year; he’s pleaded guilty to those charges.

The found that there were police reports on Bell dating back to 1990, when a young gymnast in Oregon told the cops that he’d “climbed on top of her and told her he wanted to take off her pants.” The next year, a 10-year-old reported that he’d pinched her breast.Bell coached as a member of USA Gymnastics until his former employer, a YMCA administrator, reported him to the police. The Indianapolis-based national governing body for gymnastics, which develops the U. Olympics roster, abided by a policy that instructed top officials to only contact authorities about sex-abuse allegations if they came directly from a victim or one of her parents.reports that USA Gymnastics had compiled several accounts of abuse by more than 50 coaches, three of whom are now serving prison sentences for their crimes (and a fourth who killed himself while in jail).In one case, the organization, whose membership comprises 3,000 gyms and 121,000 gymnasts, waited years to report the accusations to law enforcement officials.In most others, it never reported the allegations at all.

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