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Amount: Resident tuition rate Deadline: July 1 The purpose of this waiver is to permit a small number of individuals with financial need and are citizens of Mexico, to enroll in any public university in Texas while paying the resident tuition rate. One of the requirements is to be appointed by the governor, lieutenant governor, state senator or state representative. Top 10 Percent High School Graduate Scholarship Amount: ,600 for continuing students The 80th Texas Legislature created the Top 10 Percent Scholarship to encourage students who graduate in the top 10 percent of their high school class to attend a Texas public institution of higher education.

In order to guarantee your application is processed by the 1st payment deadline of each semester, applications must be submitted by the deadlines provided. Texas Armed Services Scholarship Program Amount: Up to ,000 TASSP is a scholarship available to any Texas resident who is interested in pursuing either a commission in one of the Armed Services or will join the Texas Army National Guard, Texas Air National Guard, the Texas State Guard or the U. Typically, if funding is available, qualifying students who submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or the Texas Application for State Financial Aid (TASFA) by a specific deadline,** have financial need and enroll fulltime in a Texas public college or university in the fall term may be eligible to receive an award.

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For more information about this exemption or the application process, please contact the University of Houston’s Office of Student Business Services at 713-743-1010, option 6.

The License Plate Insignia Scholarship Program provides financial assistance to needy students attending eligible public or private, non-profit colleges and universities in Texas.

The amount of funding available for the program depends upon the number of license plates purchased bearing the insignia of Texas colleges and universities.

Some of the scholarships will require students to maintain a certain GPA or be part of a specific degree program.

Additionally, most of the scholarships require students to be a Texas resident.

Amount: Up to ,000 The purpose of this program is to increase the number of highly trained and educated professional accountants available to serve the residents of this state; improve the state's business environment and encourage economic development and financial stability; and identify, recognize and support outstanding scholars who plan to pursue careers in accounting.

Amount: Tuition for one academic year (Fall, Spring, and Summer) This scholarship program was established to encourage academically talented students from the countries of the Western (American) hemisphere to pursue higher education in the State of Texas; thus, establishing a beneficial link between the State of Texas and their home countries.

This is a list of the fifty most recent judgments ordered by the date that they were published. Only where there is a significant point of law or particular public interest will the details be published.

If you can demonstrate academic excellence and leadership, you may qualify for a UH scholarship at the University of Houston. You also may want to explore scholarships from outside sources by browsing websites like Fast Web, Student, Collegeboard, Hispanic College Fund, The National Data Base Scholarships and US College Scholarships and Grants. A student who is related to a current member of the governing board of that institution is prohibited from receiving scholarships unless the scholarship is awarded exclusively based on academic merit or is an athletic scholarship.

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