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Although the confrontation can be quite longwinded as it plays out, the semantic content usually boils down to "Daddy/Mommy you SUCK! For some reason, father figures are far more often targeted for this, due to the general belief that most women tend to be better parental figures than fathers, or maybe it's just not considered nice to yell at Mom.

This can be a double whammy if the "parent" is also The Caretaker, since they're essentially the child's lifeline and are wronging them.

Also, for this trope to come into play, the parental figure must truly have transgressed, or the child figure must have good reason to believe the transgression has happened.

Bonus points are awarded if the child is able to (correctly) point out that they have managed not to repeat the parental mistakes with their own offspring.

Penalty points are awarded if they have tragically repeated exactly the same mistakes with their own offspring. Sometimes, the writer may not want the child figure to be the one doing the calling out.

Maybe they want to keep the child figure Really Nice, so nice they won't even yell at an abusive parent.

Possibly even a beat down, if you really get into it.

(We suggest you try not to go any farther than that; killing a parent, even one who arguably deserves it, tends to put you in the villain camp by default.

Even Oedipus got nailed for it eventually, and he didn't even KNOW the man was his father.) You see this trope whenever a child figure (who is most often fully adult in age, but in rare cases may still be a child or teenager) goes into full-on confrontational mode with a parent figure they feel has severely wronged them.

"Child" and "parent" can be fairly loose here — it's the power relationship that's key, not the genetics.

Did Mom and/or Dad leave you without an explanation, only to pop up years later expecting hugs and kisses?

Are even YOU tired of listening to your Freudian Excuse? " Guy for a tiny crumb of respect really starting to get on your nerves? Time to take a page from and let your parental figure know how you REALLY feel.

It's time to Call The Old Man Out, or the Old Woman, if it's your mother you have issues with.

Time for a real shout-down with that dysfunctional parental figure.


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