Dating in the united kingdom

Up in Scotland, the city of Edinburgh and its mix of ancient architecture and cultural feel might appeal to somebody who values tradition, while architecture-lovers in England will find plenty of interest in Oxford or Cambridge.

Ultimately, this means you have a much higher chance of falling in love.

Once you have been put it touch with fellow UK singles in your area, rest assured that - regardless of location – there’ll be lots of date activities to enjoy together.

All you need is a little imagination and a romantic mindset!

For a traditional feel, a dinner date is always a winning idea.

Luckily in a nation which is beginning to care more and more about maintaining a healthy lifestyle, fresh and affordable food is not difficult to find – in fact, you’ll probably be spoilt for choice.

If you’re looking to impress, you could always go all out with a Michelin starred restaurant.

A Londoner looking to meet other professional singles?

Whether you live in Manchester or Midlothian, Barry or Ballmena – e Harmony could help make the prospect of dating in your area an exciting one.

In such a diverse yet distinctive nation like the UK, our towns and cities each have a unique flavour and appeal.

e Harmony recognises that much like the locations up and down our fair land, the people who live here are just as unique and individual.

Like a ‘party-animal’ in the gentle town of Peebles or a ‘country bumpkin’ stranded in London - sometimes, singles in the UK just aren’t compatible with one another.


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