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The external appearance of 2016 Volvo XC60 has been redesigned and is more dynamic than before. The front cover is recognizable made of black metal. Mirrors have a lot of influence on improving the aerodynamics.

As for the wheels, you can choose between six different designed wheels.

2016 Volvo XC60 cabin is very well designed with technologically advanced features and high comfort.

The seats provide a comfortable ride over a good anatomy and softness.

They are made with upholstery fabrics, leather or special smooth leather.

The steeriing wheel has four arms and is also covered with leather.

As a garnish it was added the details of wood or Silk metal. All other parts that make’s interior are high quality and well designed.The pedals are sports and also the aluminum sill plates.Since the equipment can certainly find all that marks the auto industry at the present time.The driver is able to use the power windows, cruising control, Blind Spot system, parking sensors and cameras, rain sensor, and much more.In the miiddle of the console is a large touch screen diisplay.Through it is used the DVD player, navigation, phone, climate, audio, digital TV, etc.


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