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A question's wording can also run the risk that your potential customer can answer the question with a "no" and they'll skip reading your ad.

Carefully choose your question so you don't lose your reader right from the start.

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Whether it's a print ad, a billboard, an online banner, or a brochure, this is your chance to grab the consumer's attention, and entice them to read on. Before you start writing headlines for advertisements, take a quick test.

Do it well, and you'll start a conversation that ends in a sale. Flip through a magazine, newspaper or even visit a website and read a few stories.

Do it poorly, and you'll never have the chance...they'll look elsewhere before you can give them any more information. How did you make your decision on which stories to select?

An effective headline doesn't just pique your reader's curiosity. They are drawn into the ad, compelled to read more.

There are many approaches you can take to write a solid headline.

Explore these various methods for every print ad you create. If you have a special offer that will lure customers in, don't think you have to spend hours trying to create a witty, humorous headline to go along with your ad copy. This is why a lot of people think you must write this type of headline in order for your ad to be a success. Knowing your market, your products and what exactly it is you're trying to sell will help you determine if using a statement as your headline is right for your ad.

Sample headlines from existing print ads: These are the popular type of headlines you usually see in print ads running in national magazines. Sometimes they're just a couple of short words. Sample headlines from existing print ads: The question and answer format can easily be overdone in advertising.

It wasn't the fancy opening sentence or the little picture that went along with the article.

The headline and maybe even the subhead made you want to read or even ignore the story. Consumers scan headlines before committing to reading the entire ad.

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