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It mean’s a scarring that goes beyond the physical and borders on breaking an assumed trust. Conall Wakely has always been a handful of trouble, because he’s one of those werewolves who want everything. Werewolves and Lycans are complicated beings just ask Hooper Parish. He hates werewolves, he hates lycans and he hates himself because he is a lycan.

When Conall first meets Bg Sommers, that want he has for everything, goes into overdrive and in usual Conall style, he goes with it and for it. Meeting the werewolf across the hall from him, and falling for Thane Cavello, only furthers to complicate Hooper’s issues.

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Clawsdating com

They’re beginning to prepare for their future life together in the Manhattan Maen werewolf pack.

But for Tatum Lee, she can only truly achieve the life her and Wiatt want together, if she lets go of the ghosts of her past life by finding out what Boston bloodlines run through her and her pup now.

Jules Teehlan’s job is specific but not necessarily simple.

Keep the pack mate of the Manhattan Maen werewolf leader safe. But becoming overly familiar with Bg Sommers, the pack mate in question, means Jules is going to get more than the riot act.

To find out more and talk to me - look for A Werewolf Blog in Brooklyn on Facebook. or email me at [email protected] working on: Werewolf Consort & other ideas The Novels: Wolves Bloodlines Wolves at the Door Wolves Love Wolves Red White and Werewolf Werewolf Storm Wild Life Lunar Night Stand The Pack Revenge Reasons Bitch Of Wolf and Male Beasts of Burden Nature of the Beast Alpha Lycan La Vida Loca Lycan Life Perception Growing up Werewolf Other novels: Bleeding Hearts Shadow Aspect Shaddow Games Shadow Boxing Limited short story release: Love should be Free - Valentines Day 2016 I'm always writing stories, cause I'm always having ideas.

I got sick of the traditional route and the expectation that I wait six months to be informed my story was rejected and the lack of feedback to know if you had things to work on or not.

This way I get to get my stories out into the world to share with others.

Wiatt D’arenberg a Manhattan Maen werewolf and Tatum Lee, a pregnant lycan are in love.

The werewolves, must work together to escape a powerfully terrifying, relentless enemy.

For Bg it means confronting her past to ensure she she has any future at all.

Katelyn Pheonix is the vessel for a truth-sayer god.

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