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However, it is interesting to note that while he sometimes talks about his history of substance abuse, he still avoids questions about his sexuality.We wonder if his wife has ever detected even a hint of his very prolific gay history during the course of their relationship.Once upon a time, a blind date usually meant a mutual friend set you up, but these days, apps and dating sites tend to do the legwork for us.

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Our actor has dozens of films under his belt, and might currently be described as an action star.

At the time these events happened, he was dating an actress who would later become the star of a very successful TV series.

The two – who are about the same age – dated throughout their teens and twenties when they were both starting out in Hollywood.

He was heavily into drinking and drugs back then, and used to fool around on this actress girlfriend… One of the things that his hookups commented on was that he used to always fret about getting AIDS because he was having unprotected sex with men.

To that end, the first IRL encounter with a new potential partner should be handled with a high dose of openness and a low dose of expectations.

Because what if he’s just plain weird or the conversation is about as scintillating as watching paint dry?

To help you master the art of blind dating, we’ve come up with seven handy survival steps to save you from those first-date jitters.

Then he would get drunk and high again and throw precaution to the wind and have men.

During those years, he also used to worry aloud that he was gay but that he had to have a girlfriend because that’s what other people expected of him.

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