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I kid, I kid……To be honest, I actually first met Chris at a Halloween party.

I was surrounded by guys in the usual same ole same ole costumes….vampire, Superman, The Most Interesting Man in the World (eye roll), etc. He really didn't seem too happy to be in the costume and kept pouting the whole time.

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My first thought was that he must be sweating to death with all that clothing and he was in the ER because he couldn't reach to get any of it off.

As it turns out, the idiot shot himself in the eye with a BB gun.

HAHA, sorry, I couldn't resist since A Christmas Story commercial came on TV and I was inspired.

A little over a month went by and as Christmas got closer I often found myself wondering about that guy from Halloween.

As fate would have it I was working the ER one night and in comes the same guy, only this time instead of a bunny suit he is wearing what looks like every item of clothing he could possibly own at the same time.

It was almost as ridiculous as the last time I saw him.

I mean I know it gets cold in Alabama in December, but it's not like we were in Indiana.

As many of you know I am a nurse and helping to take care of people is very important to me.

I'm really looking forward to sharing our story with you, so here goes.

That's how I found myself volunteering for Bryce Mental Hospital in my free time. Looking back I'm not really sure I can put my finger on what it was exactly…way the straightjacket accentuated his broad shoulders, the pleading half crazed look in his eyes, or his babbling the sweetest absolute nothings I've ever heard while drooling on himself.

Whether it was one of those or a combination of them all, I knew for sure that I had to free him and make him mine to travel the country doing crazy shenanigans.

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